30/4 Excited nervous | Home

29/4 Anna said it was the best day of her life | Gmom and the hot cross buns

28/4 Swimming with dolphins + crazy birds | Back to the sun breakfast/Josh

27/4 Sunrise sea, Stephanie stroll | Bad play banter + family check in

26/4 Unreal Eames, dolphins, sunset | Planetarium, a little dancing and what the stranger said

25/4 House of pies telepathy with Joana | Drive by red moon eclipse

24/4 Eric was really funny | Robyn’s heart to heart

23/4 Sunrise bike, all day hike, noise treat | He is in town

22/4 Because you’re the nicest person in the class | Controlling the smiles and the shakes

21/4 Group yoga nap | Lions in the mist in the front and to the side

20/4 Meat burger brunch | Night watch red dwaf star and 5 satellites

19/4 Tall tall Laurence | Magnetic ground death by lighting

18/4 Observatory | Student crit angry face

17/4 I don’t want to leave best day feeling | I tried they are all idiots

16/4 Yogala | You look pale and sick

15/4 Laughing so hard in Eric’s studio | Drawings

14/4 Whitney Houston chest banging | A small breakdown

13/4 Three five dollar bills + a one dollar | Pancakes and shooting star

12/4 Dancing so hard, driving on the river | Parents lights out

11/4 She just got it, we connected | Picking flowers

10/4 He stopped to ask about my flat tyre | Robyn’s date night with Julian

9/4 Imagining it was real life | Calling in sick but getting it all done

8/4 Tumbleweed solo roadtrip | Gmom’s search party

7/4 Back to the giant bed | Feeling lame

6/4 Magical Twilight forest | Long scooter ride epiphany

5/4 Outside the Oakland Museum + Oakland cemetery | Watching the steak night debates

4/4 Sweaty sweaty | Watching them watching him, pinkie promise Mc Donalds

3/4 Walking & talking with Stephanie in the clouds | Stop looking you making me blush

2/4 Boyle Heights walk | Dad checking up on me

1/4 Yael said it was beautiful | Feels like home