31/5 Something something Friday | Landscaping

30/5 Holey leggings and red lipstick | Slide display

29/5 A stork, and then a falcon | Awkward house guest welcome

28/5 Running in the bright green | Nick’s family supper special

27/5 Brain explosion meditation | Joint adult shopping

26/5 Staying | Malls, movies, left overs and no bathing

25/5 It sounds like you’re ready to “find the right path in the night.”|Lucy’s Man band

24/5 Luminous moon + queen of the night gifts | Tears/makeovers/girls cousins/flowers

23/5 Half mindfully aware |Anxious energy baking

22/5 Two minutes of sunshine, a rainbow | Finding grandpa’s ashes/Picking out flowers

21/5 Jan in clogs | Falling asleep under Julian guitar

20/5 Family reunion | I felt cold, sat in the sun and got the call, it was 1pm

19/5 Simone + William | Roast Chicken and coffee at old age home

18/5 Five Hour jet lag walk |She said I love you too back

17/5 Surprised I got there | Popcorn and dancing

16/5 Portal to the palm trees | Leaving the gallery

15/5 Top down to Malibu | The walkabout

14/5 It hurt, I cried | Starling she has fallen

13/5 Found best burrito, foraging after | The Irish

12/5 I’d never looked so happy | Emerentia walk run

11/5 Perfect desert day, synchronised happiness | My R100 print

10/5 Cap + Windmill valley | Full leg wax

9/5 Double yoga storm butter Blossom | Bad gig

8/5 The rainbow explosion directly to your soul (remembered) | German Talk

7/5 When I just got in the car and the sun was low and glowing | Lauren’s bag in my dream

6/5 Heart beating faster | Good house wife

5/5 Laughing at something | Silent drive

4/5 Talking about meditation | In a tent under the stars with Charlie

3/5 Yoga start karaoke end | On the floor under the table with Nina

2/5 After the sun went down | Julian Redpath in the trees

1/5 Sore cheeks from smiling | Handstands and wheelbarrow races