31/7  Those kids in wheelchairs always playing tennis | Harvesting crystals and stroking old rocks (Matterhorn)

30/7 Roast beetroot (dead cat) | Andreas Züst Libary time

29/7 Running at dusk | Black bag outfits in Rain/ 3am Worms talk

28/7 New running shoes |Fat feet in river

27/7 Driving and lunching with Kirsty | Girls watching

26/7 Skips | Goodbye Venice/ I worry about you/ last last Gelato in Milano

25/7 Crystal Odyssey | Maze walk to Arsenale/best SciFi film Neil Beloufa

24/7 Giant mystery ginger cat | Jesper Just Danish Pavilion/Spritz with Katrin

23/7 Fake digging holes | We are in Venice reality check

22/7 Reenactment | Basil Lemon gelato, sky scrappers and home cooked pasta by Lorenzo

21/7 Bad Boys heated floor cuddles | Fern house in Botanical gardens

20/7 Morning tea with mom | Morning market run

19/7 Italy maze | Getting lost going to magic fountain

18/7 New house | Rain and Stalker

17/7 Wilfred | Finding the darkness + power nap

16/7 Sitting in the sun with dogs | Alps/Cows bells/Flowers/The light

15/7 Hanging out with boy me | Floating down the Aare stabilizing breath

14/7 Teenager day | The Steve Mc Queen exhibition feeling

13/7 Read an entire book and nothing else |  Live space video’s, my view from above

12/7 Long drive before sunrise | Zurich, church with rock windows

11/7 Making peace with Joburg | 5k morning run alone alongside the moving river

10/7 Dayon’s | Deleuze/strawberries/cute boy

9/7 Future crisis, pink sky | Rotating crystals

8/7 Shoulders | Swiss excitement over mountains

7/7 Dusty trail like the real bushveld | Everything closed, so quite

6/7 Koaly bear | Gold and silver safety blanket

5/7 Morning | Walk along Aare and selfies

4/7 The second car trip | Waiting for Nina on the square

3/7 Bridges lifting for boats | Bern, arrived, walked and welcomed

2/7 Up high, watching two storks soaring | Early morning send off/ Body relax on plane

1/7 Broken Circle / Spiral Hill | Dad dinner and goodbyes