30/9 Feeling so so excited again | Zoning out to other peoples sounds

29/9 Kimono + quiche | The lighthouses lighting up

28/9 We bought a caravan + I found the ideal place | His stories of the land and his wife

27/9 That ad, then anxious |The nightjar

26/9 Mini meltdown | The quite just after the sun, double horizon

25/9 When the dogs came home |Walk west, Two days in one

24/9 He hadn’t just returned, he was just leaving | Jumping fences/ finding the bay and the lake

23/9 Panic + solution | The Lighthouse, The Horizon, The Meteorological site

22/9 The first 10kms, the first 10mins | The equinox and you

21/9 After three meetings | Norwegian Pop and Wine

20/9 Big city day | Moon day

19/9 Underwater aloe plant thing | Metta Ingvartsen lecture

18/9 Otter trail surprise | Art Library stolen unbrealla

17/9 Walk |Project finished

16/9 Momentum |New Jeans and “Clog Shopping”

15/9 Masterchef final with Robyn | Empty feeling

14/9 Quiet | Body Pains

13/9 Lumo orange sunset + smell of spring | Mist over city holding light, night walk home

12/9 Quit day |I went for a run

11/9 Good news email | Fireworks watching before bed

10/9 New old BFFs | Dusking invite sent

9/9 Confusing switch of routine |Chocolate Milk in small carton

8/9 Talked myself out of everything | LADEE Launch to the Moon

7/9 Bicycle tour of my childhood | Kim Hiorthoy

6/9 Third in a row | Lentil Soup Black Ocean

5/9 Ulanda | A walk with Maia

4/9 Nuclear drill | Norway?

3/9 Canceling everything to procrastinate | Purple noses/ St Gilles meeting

2/9 S&L doorway meeting | Dinner Cathy’s house

1/9 Dancing show | Double Robyn dream good and evil/ walked Brussles