31/10 Didn’t want to go and then it was best |Brussels I like you alot

30/10 Ocean at the end of the lane |Lucy’s local

29/10 I hadn’t made it up, but he was just hungry | Feeling empty empty

28/10 Sore shoulders | Being Girls waffles and shopping

27/10 I found her on the hill |Spying on band through post flat

26/10 Accidental team t-shirts |Packing up + saying goodbyes

25/10 Meeting postponed, park | Pantha du prince and the bell lab

24/10 Swimming with Audrey | Northern light flour experiment and silly dinner with Ming

23/10 Morning work roll | Getting no where, Whats the weather like there, then Light with silver tinsel

22/10 The guy in the Jag, after all the bullying | Tron/Brittany Spears/Draft Punk music Video

21/10 A rejection + an invite | Ming

20/10 They remembered me + Jolly not so bad |Show and Tell, it makes sense

19/10 Longest breakfast, game |Feeling there eyes/ Performing/ Dancing

18/10 My desk here | Wonder world

17/10 Made it home in time | Hidding out in bed watching Girls again

16/10 Rain run, beer | Orange horse

15/10 Optometrist lady | Putting it down on a timeline

14/10 Lexy + Leonard | I miss

13/10 All the dogs, crazy | Own thoughts and body for 2 hours

12/10 Dead lady’s bright yellow pot | Bad familiar dreams

11/10 Driving home after an afternoon adventure with Audrey | Finishing the text and dinner party

10/10 Bob + salads |Boy and mirror ball explanation

9/10 Two runs, eggs + zen garden |Anxious, food coloring and corn starch

8/10 Mom with chairs + best olives | I was on a boat along the Fjords, it was Autumn

7/10 Yoga + watercolours | I imagined I had Munch’s life

6/10 Full day before 10am | Fram explorers, and  Tidens Krav crush

5/10 Dog park party |Walking Olso lost and seeing a familiar face

4/10 Lightheaded from icy cold pool | Book finished on the train to Oslo

3/10 She had a matching miniature one | Parents late night chat while in bed

2/10 Just nine trips up the stairs | A lucy and Robyn Poem

1/10 Irritable at the car wash | Chocolate milk and movies in bed