30/11 City day, park day | A moment of calm, Bakhoven

29/11 Angie Greenside walks | Extreme highs and lows all in one day

28/11 Bike mission | Leaving and beginning

27/11 Got it off my chest and then danced in the living room | Witnessing the wake up of Prince Albert

26/11 Of course it was his counter | Ghost Walk/Wind and Cyprus trees

25/11 Heartbreaking, but he’ll be fine | Driving forward, points of change

24/11 Fake calculator | A meeting a 3

23/11 Lazy lunch with beer after tough one | Lie in and roll over

22/11 Hangover naps | Meze and girls talk

21/11 Mockingjay, worst party | Piya in the fruit and veg section of the P&P

20/11 Solo planetarium time | | Fb caught out

19/11 Sad sad because picture | Mini shell book

18/11 Streamers |Secret word Secret

17/11 Money stolen, unexpected drinking | Me catch up.

16/11 One year on celebration, best decision, Bernie! | Checking for tan lines

15/11 D&D | New bed + Felix dance

14/11 Back home | Worst big night out but not a granny

13/11 Mom left us in the car | Napping

12/11 Pink Ponte mist fog | Grasmere Toll

11/11 Breakfast out before work | On route home, vertical rain truck and taxi drivers

10/11 Angie collab proposal | Sore ears Cape Point light house

9/11 Unexpected garden nice + coincidences | A old friend beach and dinner

8/11 The sadness must mean something good | Through the karoo…

7/11 Talking, laughing, sad you’re going | Finally relaxed in a  quite setting, Gariep

6/11 Tasty Ceiling laughs | Mixed feelings, bread and good fine.

5/11 Secret training questions |Up down back and forth

4/11 Hair cry | Grumpy Robyn’s

3/11 61st | 3rd wheel

2/11 Blind runner, Senzo, Hendrik’s banana | Niggly knee, left behind with cold chicken legs

1/11 Anna art talk with tea & cake | Treat day, facial and breakfast cause “Im a lady” .