31/7 Paul’s email while waiting to board | Proposal rewards at home

30/7 Twirly feather + sweet dinner with cats | It came together finally

29/7 That sunset end of land part | I used my hands

28/7 Secret swimming spot + underwater sunglasses | TAX

27/7 It was so nice to see him, to talk about books | An american tour, GF perspective

26/7 Top of the staircase chats | Polite conversations, with the occasional laughter

25/7 The water reflections from that best top part | Two malls in one night and on time

24/7 She really liked them | We counted artwork and I thought about her

23/7 Finished a task | Teasing Lloyd

22/7 Exchange imbalanced shoulder stories | A cold high

21/7 Body scan meditation | I spoke my mind and my voice went all weird

20/7 Surprise pink ginko walk | Hot water bottle

19/7 Refreshed after lengths | Anneli and Andrew

18/7 Unexpected free pet dog | 6.7 with Phillipe and the oldies

17/7 Two dead sleep wake ups | a recoup day, invoices in pjamas

16/7 Post-walk swim tireds, Munch’s Waves | Cutting up pictures

15/7 That mist piece, and long quiet walk to the end of the island | 4 cups and and box of rejects

14/7 Walked till I thought I couldn’t, Louise Bourgeois, surprise Serra | Bad news story

13/7 Sour porridge, little bird, quiet walking with I&J, sore from smiles, experimental okra | 5am chick pea curry birthday surprise + a hat

12/7 And then we watched a reality show where undertakers learnt a synchronised dance | Natasha and the Ant

11/7 Awks then nice taco time | We were so lazy

10/7 Laugh almost wee carrying torso baby bag | Mini Spiral Jetty

9/7 Rusty bikes and old timers | I told her my secrets and we drank coffee and picked out records

8/7 Post work work work day magical sunset & wind | I was crazy lady

7/7 Leprosy Museum, box wine | Proposal, tick

6/7 Deadline pressure | Office at home day

5/7 Lost in Rundemanen | Sound out of sync, nervous giggles

4/7 Ran away from party | ‘I’m furious’ joke

3/7 Not going to the island | Trying to take slips of plants without getting caught

2/7 Two jumps, brown skin | Dog Whisper

1/7 First of July swim, with the sun and the moon | Birthday dinner, with complusory tears and laughter