31/12 Sisters | Home under fake stars

30/12 Book task | a serious fashion epiphany

29/12 Quiet night out | Durban beach front morning

28/12 Paths were meant to cross today | Treat before we meet

27/12 Most human in a week | Team movie outing excitement

26/12 Cry sick | Sitting in the tree house

25/12 Boo cuddles | Early morning run, fitting it all in

24/12 Dog Santa |Hike in bikini

23/12 Washing, Fresh Earth, sleep | Day trip, and take away dinner conversation

22/12 Fever dying train bus trip | Hanging with the parentals

21/12 All the rushes and then solstice ritual with witch in tower | Clansthal beach day

20/12 Studio visit, boats nearby | shitty dinner mom fight

19/12 Pizza truck, lolz, so sad about shoe shop | Beach run, testing our boundaries

18/12 Karaoke post meditation acid rave | Hill training

17/12 Nude ice swimming attempt | Adjusting to communal living

16/12 The fancy lady who wanted to speak about running | Napping and beach walks

15/12 Glogg party with curls | Drive and stops Josh coffee visit and tasting

14/12 Soup, cheese, laughs, Mr Burns | Sunglasses mission, last minute mall missions and plush lunch with Dad

13/12 Run till we found pink sky & ski slope | Pool Christmas

12/12 Unusual journey | 1st day of holiday

11/12 Robyn bum falling into family on bus, stomach laughs | Michelle and Anne conversations

10/12 Carrying Ol out of park | Coffee run meeting, Nac application complete

9/12 Quiet work with hangover | Serious student talk with cake

8/12 Buy work proposal | Abri talk

7/12 Smiles | Drafting the letter request letters

6/12 Game drive + solo swims | Screening

5/12 Luxurious surprise | Pottery class

4/12 Rosebank traffic meltdown | My off day

3/12 PJ work | RR meeting things said

2/12 Gilmore Girls pre meeting | Unprepared feelings

1/12 Drinking and running | Application in