29/2 Plane view of Seattle | 1:14

28/2 Subaru game on way to hike | Big PnP shop

27/2 Reservoir nostalgia run | Photo booth and pop songs

26/2 LA surprise | Duo lingo and news

25/2 Sorry I told you so late | I got in celebrations

24/2 Seeing him again | After work frozen berries and yogurt

23/2 Sci & cocktails w Noz | Student discussion around all the #’S

22/2 Post work bike ride and spotting him | New ritual Monday afterwork nap

21/2 Songs and driving | Early ugly Fourways run with Dad

20/2 Naps and cries | Yield lady conversations

19/2 Disappointments | Post op head stroking

18/2 Cheese shop greetings | Wits Talk. Realizing where I made a mistake

17/2 Nerdy Colombian | Rumours starting in my head

16/2 Leap Trip phone call while getting ready for work | Misty morning stairs

15/2 Turned my phone off and read a whole book | Out cold after work

14/2 City run with Jutta |Barcelona sent

13/2 Peeking at paintings | We were so happy just hanging out, just the two of us again

12/2 Post dinner dinner thing | hot dogs meeting and risotto dinner

11/2 Little R lunch | Lunch break

10/2 Sweaty hills | Taco surprise

9/2 Drilling with Vaughn | Vaughn’s recipes success

8/2 Everything not working day | Students came back

7/2 Climbing climbing to nice view | Clean house day

6/2 Confrontations | Walter park day

5/2 Hair cut, print meeting | Tax man paid me money

4/2 Amateur Hour cry lolz – puppet skit | New leaves

3/2 The cool cloud breeze with hot running body | Forgotten treasures

2/2 Sad feelings | Wats app voice messages with cousin whilst in traffic

1/2 Frantic things and driving and sweating | Stairs in the afternoon