30/1 Garden party at mine | Red bike, schwama in hand and a vegan bun

29/9 Lifestyle change challenge | Unlearning

28/9 Most chaotic silly day | Small pleasures

27/9 Home again | Crying Spanish kids

26/9 After work walk | Fate encounter

25/9 Not my dress | Small shoes long walk home with a lingering David Bowie after image

24/9 Picnic cocktails | Trying new things ravel loop

23/9 Deep sobs in pretty garden | Rain run

22/9 Elegant restaurant search post spining | Fireworks, palms and pizza

21/9 Nancy & Robyn | Excited by the reading

20/9 Research plans, macbook shopping | I understood

19/9 Fresh veggie soup cooking | Holding on, being brave

18/9 Zoo run, bed day cuddles | Checking in to see if we felt the same

17/9 Long drives with Vaughn | a short walk around the neighbourhood

16/9 30 seconds + lolz | Miriam conversation & cerveza with new friends

15/9 Six Feet Under while exhibition opens | A good cry

14/9 Farm discovery smugness | The back to school feeling

13/9 Dinner date with R Cook | We found a home

12/9  Cooking for K&L | Poble Sec visions

11/9 City 19k, smug | Flat to myself

10/9 Mountains, pink sky, giant telescope things | Failed missions, gut intuition

9/9 Purple teddy bear lols with Dina | White rabbit pet on a leash

8/9 Stayed in | We walked our panic off

7/9 Half day of naps, street night | Dream flat dreams

6/9 Morning run, Alex all day, broken | The most expensive sangria treat drink

5/9 Uneasy sad grumps, first fight | Red bus loops

4/9 Drill Hall sundown with bird skaters | Flamenco, el Raval

3/9 Soweto sun strolls with open shoes | Skate park and beach

2/9 Sunset with Taryn | Amaretto and orange juice walks through the old city with Steph

1/9 WAM couch naps | On the plane excited faces