30/11 Emmarentia run | Contemporary collaborative dance exercises

29/11 Hearing from old friends | Empty stares and tired eyes amongst us all

28/11 Bad idea impulse online shopping | The midnight hand in feeling

27/11 Afternoon reunion | Haircut success and long distance running

26/11 Drunk Lol | Routine fail – ” always stick to the plan” Robyn

25/11 Mini holiday (awful neighbour) | A glass of house red wine in a seedy bar over future life talks

24/11  Feeling better talks | Benjamin, Ranciere, Steyerl, Didi-Huberman, Derrida are all friends

23/11 She said nice things about the haikus | She understood perfectly, new me feeling and the Rain

22/11 Tuesday cascade positive vibes | Long library days and breaks on the bench amongst the autumn leaves

21/11 Fights in the parking lot of the park | Gaining momentum

20/11 Taryn’s toast made me cry | Best long day with Cathy and Steve

19/11 Energising night, fancy clothes | Julian’s Spanish omelets food posts

18/11 Swimming pool at the end of the day |  Imanol “art is political “

17/11 Talking with Lucinda | He teaches through his thinking

16/11 Yoga view | Treat wednesday (Carrot cake and coffee)

15/11 Four geese crossing the road | The hand in feeling

14/11  Mashed potato lunch | The rationalist and My fruiteria

13/11 First pool day +1 | Silent walks

12/11 Death whiskey hangover |The walk home with warm baguette

11/11 Vegan dinner, house + country talk | 1989 “Historia memoria”

10/11 Fixed bike, painful eyebrow threading | The moment before I was about to read out loud

9/11 Manic feeling, giant storm, naps | Cautious conversations

8/11 Mother Xmas | Sad – news tuesday

7/11 Silent tired | Red – meat monday

6/11 Finishing! fake ice cream treats afternoon | To quiet on a sunday

5/11 Dancing with turns | Day and night all merged into one

4/11 Bike plans, being productive |The whistler – Andrew Bird

3/11 Before 9am | Late night reading and libary companions

2/11 Lightning show from Vaughn’s | Archive, lunch and private show

1/11 Telepathic lolz | Getting lost and finding the secret garden