31/12 Awkward on arrival | The new year Olympics, made the anger disappear

30/12 They told me the NYE traditions (yellow undies, wheelie suitcases) | Their parting words of much love

29/12 Sibling night out (till 4.30am) | My dad at the airport, and doing routine familiar things

28/12 Instantly felt relieved to head home | Guy and Julia evening and morning warm drinks together

27/12  What you draw when you love someone (Nico) | Silent talks and beach walk

26/12 Sitting on the Ermita for an hour | Gill’s flat

25/12  Why do you think you love me? | A quiet Christmas remembering

24/12 Heels + bad Santa | Faces at airport and welcoming

23/12 I get confused if they’re clouds or mountains | Preparing to leave home alone

22/12 New PJs | Dinner and plans with Spanish friends

21/12 Solstice reflection | Toasts, sharing recipes on holiday meals and early morning drinks with the youth

20/12 First (only) run in Cali | Finding meaning in things and the politics of space

19/12 Dreamcatcher mani pedi |He got to say goodbye before she left us

18/12 Imagined living in the place with grass growing on electricity cables | Feeling everything

17/12 Sweaty surprise party moves | Second hand shopping

16/12 He drove with a hat and raincoat and open window | After hand in smiles

15/12 Part of a team | Strange Things breaks

14/12The drive to Lake Guatavita | Early morning walk home with Clare and Julian

13/12 Full moon on the walk home | Ice cream and Tapas dinner

12/12 Creepy mountains through greasy window |Showing Clare our spots

11/12 Salsa dancing with him in Colombia for the first time | Movie marathon

10/12 The mountains are thick with junlgy trees | The walk to the concrete hand

9/12 The electric feeling (on plane) | Holiday things

8/12 Happier than last time drinks at Doppio | Perfecting the coffee

7/12 Luis graduation | Residence card

6/12 Decorating the park | Meditatively sunning ourselves

5/12 Last minute sewing | Quiet streets

4/12 Delta park chatty picnic | The lingering high

3/12 Worst most antisocial day | Forest walk, the Vally Maker, and our early morning bed

2/12 Cry day, family night | All the tasters and the view from the top floor

1/12 Cured – new person (kind of) | Lights walk