31/1 Soup and other useful things day | Kitchen tea, spanglish

30/1 Morning meeting view good start to day |Banana and apple performance

29/1 I thought I might not survive it | Garden walk with a flask of coffee and biscuits

28/1 Tropical Fish | Coffee tasting, rituals, and devil fire dancing

27/1 3 for the price of 1 Superella | Making postcards straight

26/1 Work from bed day | Student workshop with postcards

25/1 Big unexpected party-time | Sleeping pill

24/1 Curry at K | Julian caña and pata bravas

23/1 Adding all my best of days and reading yours |Broken nespresso coffee outings

22/1 Laughing on the phone | Collectors market, filming Oriol collect postcards

21/1 White wine spritzers and real talk with mom | Rebaixes shopping spree and the nicest artist

20/1 The gloom | Friday long art talk signalling beer exit

19/1 Pugwall, walking there, compliments | Tapies internship

18/1 Emmarentia early morning | Meeting with the team

17/1 Talking about Peru and Colombia | 36 president way

16/1 Teary eyed and back at work, Confidence | A+

15/1 Dying eyebrows | Final edit and The Crown

14/1 Getting all the things done to not fall asleep | Sopa work station manifesto

13/1 Day room at The Marriott with a cloud bed | The four of us learning about critical pedagogy

12/1 The moon from the plane window was full, my heart was full | Girls crushing on smart Isaac

11/1 Feminista!? | Asking my questions

10/1 Bossanova and home made shoes and views | Feeling angered by text

9/1 100+ year old house with inside outside garden | Work week routine

8/1 Sat around the fire on the soccer field | Slow cycle through the gardens

7/1 Ruta card game | Food shopping and naps

6/1 Convoy of 5 cars | It feels nice to be back

5/1 On my way to the shops | Redpath send off

4/1 Divebombing pelicans | Sitting in the front row with my family

3/1 Waiting to jump off the waterfall (mosquito net)| Giving Gill to the sea in the rain

2/1 The island looked perfect from the other island | Looking through the Redpath albums

1/1 Swimming in a waterfall on the first day of the year | Matt, Bevan and Kirsty