28/2 Graaff Reinet date night | A bit of a drowner but maybe a good thing

27/2 Surprise pool at the last camp | 3 coffee’s and biscuits co working space buzz

26/2 Army camp fire talk | Castell de MontJuic courtyard filming and field notes

25/2 Star gazing, fire talk | MontJuic picnic (mini sandwich, nuts and strawberries and chocolate)

24/2 The sky! Driving in a rainbow. A spot of rainbow |

23/2 Pack and work |

22/2 Web guy | Abandon project start again

21/2 Curry at Kirst | Meeting Patri, and CCB

20/2 New work things |

19/2 Those front runners |

18/2 Hill runs, sky drinks |

17/2 Home |

16/2 Bike ride and finding gmom’s scarf on stairs

15/2 Con Hill or nothing |Catalan Park walk with grannies

14/2 Romantical nachos, plans, dancing |

13/2 Nothing working, everything sucks | Trusting the process and finding clues

12/2 Anger management | Getting focused and library watching

11/2 Speedy morning | Coffee and the Collection museum

10/2 So low energy but graphic novel plans | Saturday routines and rituals

9/2 Visiting galleries chats | Finding the right bench and sunning myself

8/2 I didn’t want to but then was convinced, and I felt better afterwards | Broken but trying to redeem myself part 2

7/2 The dogs ripped up a bag of flour in my car |Pixelated images fail, lesson learnt

6/2 Boyfriend + boss back 🙂 | Watching him perfect it

5/2 Service Station talk, future plans |

4/2 Zoo Lake morning + Heidi |

3/2 Dr Leanne prescribed the things I knew to take | Home day, procrastination recipe searches

2/2 Happy morning run for the first time in ages | Practical practice – invisible pedagogies

1/2 Happy normal again | Caught soaking the sun pre meeting