30/4 Hot chocolate sunset at the park | Morning walk through a sleeping Gracia

29/4 Mom day with G&Ts | No coffee hangover

28/4 He seemed nice still, just older, she was awful though | Accepted extension

27/4 Long talks and cries morning, followed by egg brunch | Kitchen farewell/ Nerves speaking english correctly. Secret venue

26/4 Sister work day, Skype meetings, Salsa night | All day library

25/4 Freelance new stuff | Ximena Dirty dancing comparison presentation

24/4 10k | Interview with the archiver

23/4 Delta morning, and afternoon | St Jordi – Barcelona couples day

22/4 Newtown morning | Delayed writing, sit in square with coffee and croissant

21/4 Rice cakes + avo in the sun to unwind | Shifting text around

20/4 1000 things and then thrown off by email | 1 paragraph success

19/4 New responsibilities headache | Making sense of old projects again

18/4 Getting lost on the run | Brain dead, brain storming

17/4 1 year fancy drinks | Siesta time

16/4 Parents’ 40th lunch | Red hands and 2:35 not 14:35

15/4 Get Out | Bike ride along the river and cave houses

14/4 New friend coffee date (Sara-Aimee) | Cotton wool trees, Talks and walk with Niall and Emma

13/4 The Zoo Lake sunrise was out of this world | Zaragoza and Perfect Spanish Tortilla

 12/4 She said I reminded her of Tina from Bob’s Burgers | Gracia run and left over cooking

11/4 Work panics start | Lunchtime walk and new routine

10/4 Rooftop awks | Brain not working

9/4 Balcony party | Palm sunday or something, T-shirt weather

8/4 Dina work stress success | Long days and nights

7/4 Roving Bantu Kitchen | To the top of the park view and bon dias/night walks

6/4 His favourite present was the back warmer | Zaartari opening and ride home

5/4 Troyeville Hotel reminiscing | Norwegians

4/4 I made lentils for visitor | Raining ride to Mont Juicc bright green gardens

3/4 After work spinning with sick instructor dancing | New people

2/4 French plaits + home yoga | Mirar/Look videos

1/4 Delta Cosmos + salsa lessons | Kind friends, Spanish home dinner