31/5 No news from PE | TFM meeting

30/5 Stress dreams | Longest cycle chasing the adventure

29/5 Early morning Rivonia missions | My boardroom presentation at Tapies

28/5 Run to park, drive to other park, breakfast, dogs, parents, climbing wall | Anne chat and clean flat

27/5 Mad park run | Naked bodies, beach cove hoping

26/5 Angie surprise | Fade to black performance

25/5 Before buenos dias | New friend catch up

24/5 Despacito | Long evening walks

23/5 Common Rhythm | He spoke to me in english it was nice

22/5 Pink smoggy sky after work stairs |Ticket booked feelings

21/5 So excited to be doing a race | Solo coffee and museum mission

20/5 Rage at that fucking idiot | Night of the museum

19/5 Homeopath dream stuff | Workshop connections

18/5 Awks video Skype | Familiar faces

17/5 Kudette reunion | Rehearsal watching and caña our corner place

16/5 Ant catch up after forever | Helado let downs

15/5 Exchanging war stories in the kitchen | A Cold

14/5 Long drive to parents and back | End of day Bar Fidel just us

13/5 Icy wintry walk to breakfast | Bike ride to record store summer haze + valley maker

12/5 Town hail storm driving | Slow day

11/5 Didn’t leave the house, shouldn’t have left | Transcribing day

10/5 All the admin catch up | Last swim + bye magical island life

9/5 Pretoria meeting, Braam lunch | Day trip Ice cream left sided driving and a rosemary scented evening

8/5 Work sads/changes | Best sleep – Irish and whiskey walks absorb as much sunlight

7/5 New friend for dinner | 24 hours no sleep, hike up to the tip of the island

6/5 Such shopping, so chilled | Holiday prep. Bikini shopping, leg wax and Gracia festival

5/5 Fred feedback |

4/5 Engineering outing calmed me, luminous pink sunset over Midrand | Submitted – The Burden of Memory

3/5 Avril chat after workshop felt positive | New best library

2/5 Nice work day | My fingers gained momentum

1/5 The Handmaid’s Tale | Writing break in the parc