31/8 Sushi Burrito weirdness | Stranded in a Doha hotel

30/8 Ruth’s show |We walked through the square and said our goodbyes

29/8 Long morning work breakfast | A Davy day and Tash last dinner

28/8 Piza e Vino fights | Fine Arts department Masters pickup

27/8 Smug at long run | A swiss new pretend  life

26/8 Eyebrows, makeup shopping| Julian’s best gig and new Swiss friends

25/8 View from UFO (fights) | Flowing up and down the river

24/8 Big day, real talk | Zurich

23/8 Period | Early morning sun and reflections

22/8 Paranoia | Explorers, coves and beach dinners

21/8 Winning at Tango | Backpacks and mini tent on to Tossa de Mar

20/8 Bed day, French movie | Vegan Mexican peanut butter ice cream

19/8 Icy run, clean kitchen, salsa night | Mountain Comedown + Tired body, cure homemade chicken and veg broth

18/8 Cold Westcliff yoga | We beat our ETA by 4 hours

17/8 Avoiding, confronting | Walking over mountains 1 year reflections.

16/8 Girls Trip | Mountain stream swims, best food and french couple – day 38 walking over the pyrenees.

15/8 Shortcuts | Pyrenees perfection.

14/8 New course! | Back pack trying and sleeping bag buying.

13/8 He was the happiest, it was so cute. Westcliff sundowners | Lunch in the South African section of the botanical gardens.

12/8 Driving my dad around, visiting my mom, lounge tango | New adventure booked.

11/8 Best pants find, also sad | I didn’t get it…

10/8 I kept looking up to see the motion sensor | Bank statements nervous laughter.

9/8 Sore fights, nice lunch though | 30 min of summer rain.

8/8 Dosa Hut | Morning night time sleep, Tira the lion tamer.

7/8 Lunar eclipse from Melville | Night bus, desert stop, full moon.

6/8 Sub 2 again | Paintings and El Retiro naps.

5/8 Honduran gathering | Madrid, cold showers and walks.

4/8 End of Winter School | Fast views, haiku’s, sandwiches and heat.

3/8 Mini gallery visits | Skirt with eyes.

2/8 Señor lecturer | Good interview feelings.

1/8 Gale Road power | Nothing to do.