30/9 Bed day, awkward theatre thing | To the park sitting at the back of my dad’s scooter

29/9 Luis back | Pizza dough

28/9 Run maybe? | A hard day of nothing

27/9 Difficult phone conversation | Cutting up the tomatoes

26/9 Telephone passage chats | Shadow mobile night drawings

25/9 Fancy solo breakfast | Quite people picnic

24/9 Cry day | City run with hand behind my back

23/9 The big Pick n Pay | Material shopping, and eye skirt dancing

22/9 Real kitchen talk with Dina and Kirsty | Slow day smelling all the plants

21/9 Run off the wine head | A Nesbitt gathering

20/9 So happy to have my friend back | Lauren

19/9 Still tired | Sara garden talk

18/9 Threading fail | Mini run

17/9 Surprise blister, daytime sea view drinking | Sunday lunch

16/9 Ali breakfast, Chapman drive, date night with Ang and Col | Pirates egg roll guy gone, things changed

15/9 Gross weather, lame dinner place, sad phone call | Gas dinner drama + medicine break up sadness

14/9 Salmon + whiskey | Conference hellos

13/9 Bed fight | Email drafts done

12/9 Studio day Lucy, Goolam and Nina

11/9 Birthday day off with uncle Rob

10/9 Shortcut run, nice parents day | Gathering under the trees

9/9 All the champagne at engagement party | Wise words by old friends

8/9 Drunk running through Braam at night | Meeting all the under 2’s at the park

7/9 Three quick repairs, feels good | Back and forth over the bridge

6/9 Walking Braam, club run | Trying to perfect a morning ritual

5/9 Dunno | A place to myself

4/9 Getting the cross move right | Temporary tables

3/9 Shower + homework | Spending time in the bathroom

2/9 Burrito dinner party | Parents excitement

1/9 One of the biggest reliefs ever + Spring life! | Flying into Joburg we looked at each other