30/11 Dinner date like normal | Last day things crystals, beach walk, ice cream wine and pizza

29/11 Talks that make me want to vomit | Shoprite shopping outing

28/11 Overwhelmed teary park walk | Stories and scrabble nights

27/11 Driving through dams | Pennington tidal pool

26/11 The first half was great | Driving towards the sea

25/11 Parkview hell, Big Mouth binge | Bag packed

24/11 Elise lunch, stormy night | No love cooking but best dinner

23/11 After long day park quiet | Quiet blue shirt day

22/11 Better moving mood | Dropping off lunch for my dad

21/11 Grumpy moving | Email power battles

20/11 Better behaved at Tango | Brisk walk with the pack (Bree Seven Sunny Chev)

19/11 Biking to go watch bikes, Westcliff views | Lie by the pool morning

18/11 Sunny weekend + bird show | Morning coffee success and failures

17/11 Kitchen sunlight with Nina | Bevan show and tell

16/11 Slowly putting back together | Dr Adamz

15/11 Confronting talks | Website

14/11 Sore foot | Business talks with past across the room

13/11 Dog park after work | Thinking about what you would do

12/11 Glad to be home after pretentious brunch | Stranger things marathon

11/11 Outside dinner at old house | Afternoon beers and mozzie bites

10/11 Date night dress up, saw the running girls | All the sad news

9/11 Chatting with Jon | Bone broth

8/11 Things stand still | He answered all my questions while she slept

7/11 Early airport, salmon, new website | Family gathering distant feelings

6/11 Post-marathon Monday feelings | Realising there are bigger things

5/11 Happy to stop | Something upset me

4/11 Lazy day, bad movie | Imagining what dosen’t exist

3/11 Worked from home, walked to lunch | Meeting new people in new spaces

2/11 Can’t get the image from my mind (panic attacks) | Hair dyeing skills and giggles

1/11 Didn’t hate work | November