31/12 Greens and lights and shadows and breezes | The mashup of wild dancing styles

30/12 The crazy lady just got into my car but I dropped her off later on | The rain and then the light movie night

29/12 Transition feeling | Out of house walk with Lauren thinking about the future

28/12 Sneaky Zoo Lake pool swim |  Thank you for Netflix, sick series marathon

27/12 The Idiot in bed | Post anxious city view

26/12 Lazy bye day | Gammon leftover omelette + no voice coffee + biscuits home day

25/12 Bye beach tour, quiet roads | The awkward and sweet moments of family days

24/12 Tidal pool morning bliss | Secret Santa battles

23/12 Wake up with fear and panic, end day with tidal swim | Watching them walk together/baking gmom’s biscuits

22/12 Archery, Rosetta view and cries | Lucy talks with Italian granny soundtrack

21/12 Family road trip |In and out of Mall

20/12 Linked In | Star Wars screen giggles

19/12 Benoni ENT, ear magic | Negroni sidewalk – Blind Tiger

18/12 Car wash + swim + life audit research | Car wash pool

17/12 Can’t remember Sunday | In charge of mood lighting

16/12 Fun silly hat run + Coco | Group discussion about our feelings around being uncool

15/12 Home trying to do things | Last minute submission excitement

14/12 Salsa night | Back of the running pack

13/12 Cheap cheese picnic | Bits and pieces spread

12/12 Long work breakfast | Leader of the running pack

11/12 Woke up feeling not super tired | I’m excited by meetings

10/12 Coffee run with little R + Delta | Cappuccino run with Lauren

9/12 Saturday morning reading Juliet | Studio experiments hands + objects

8/12 Overwhelmed post appointment | Corne and Twakkie stupid laughter

7/12 Salad exploded in the back of my car | Killarney loop

6/12 Reassuring WhatsApps, post-work cooking | Cutting out palms and hand painting

5/12 Still a bit unsettled | Getting settled in temp home

4/12 Private tango lesson | Misha game, hand under duevt

3/12 In between shopping and party | 60 point scrabble word and champion

2/12 Catching naps as often as I can | Whirl wind talks

1/12 Girl’s night | The yellow of egg in handbrake but best road stop