30/4 Lumo pink sunset dot | Carpets and Phinx last goodbye

29/4 Drive to the far end of Pretoria | After family day, binge watch with Tristin

28/4 The Wilds with Troy | Picnic mat centre of watching all the children

27/4 Emmarentia, shirt shopping, smiles | Re-introductions chameleon

26/4 Cancel Salsa for nacho night |Face to face build up

25/4 Learning patience + Beirut | A gut feeling impulse

24/4 He said I healed unusually fast | Doing the grown up things for the adults

23/4 Just one more sleep till money and corny FB post | 2 hours free woolies

22/4 Treadmill and podcasts before awks lunch | Slow climb chit chat cold lungs

21/4 Walks and naps at Walter Sisulu | The wet leaves smell at the bottom of the park

20/4 Leopard lunch date | Nick and Lauren visits. Conjuring night exit strategies

19/4 Girls night | Art/nature park day and kind email + Ladies

18/4 Best mango this season (cry day) | Stories from opposite sides of the world

17/4 Two years | Washes of grey on concrete

16/4 Bye Comrades entry | Monday job day excitement

15/4 Looking after his hangover | Hearing her fears

14/4 Caipirinha party with hilarious Italian stories | Slow day, Bohm and Alexandra

13/4 Braai with coloured car lights | Burger early night

12/4 Chemo catch-up | Jess and a quick opening drop in

11/4 Rage worst performance ever | Cringe night out

10/4 Junot Diaz article | Dr talks

9/4 It’s all still a bit blurry | Quite readers washing machine

8/4 He locked the keys in the car for the 3rd time in a week | Reading in the sun, smell of the hot grass matt

7/4 Happy Jacky | Shook it off, Ezra play and Spanish sounds

6/4 Chubby cheeks dinner date | Niece bowling the strike feeling

5/4 R Cook called, Kirsty brought soup | DIY show and tell

4/4 Anaesthesia cloud and fainting | Being prepared and impromptu beer walk

3/4 Imani visits | Liv’s Dad conversation

2/4 Tyre repair missions | Tea visit hot cross bun limit

1/4 Watching the cosmos and sunflowers go by | Slow easter run family pie and park