30/6 Market browse and R140 beer |

29/6 Jordan light, echoing call to prayer |

28/6 Yemen the human |

27/6 Bus naps both ways |

26/6 Gross pool, but good chats with Indonesians |

25/6 Farid life share |

24/6 Corniche tour, boat ride into bat cave, fancy dinner with toilet to sea | Surprise massage gift to myself

23/6 Rooftop tour of Beirut, my head and feet burning | Sleep in promise, updated my cv

22/6 Reunions and that bad bar called Berlin| I did it and got out as quickly as I could/Fire Sara’s

21/6 Finish work finally, airport tears again, best hummus with hot pinenuts | After a creepy arrival I was excited to present my paper

20/6 Mad rush departure | Carter screening

19/6 Airport tears | Reading out loud

18/6 Packing or something | Ideas after meeting

17/6 First run in forever | Run with L L and k walk with N and E

16/6 Granny’s ring and Lynne’s puppy | Sara crumpets

15/6 Soccer night instead of movie | Work braai/family supper

14/6 Sick day: Pretoria failure day | Our after work meet up

13/6 Self diagnosed illness | Empty after the weekend of emotion

12/6 Paralysed by to do list | Finding moments to talk about Comrades

11/6 Reading about comrades | Dolphins walk, comrades winners

10/6 Comrades fomo while trying to work | He did it! All the feelings all day

9/6 All day Kirsty bday | Nerves! Morning beach front run with all the comrades runners

8/6 Obnoxious at karaoke | Drive down and steak night dinner providing a distraction/roulette watching

7/6 Dentist day, visa day | 2 years

6/6 Gift from parents | Uber chat about Catalan

5/6 Visa booking | Having the yes and no feelings

4/6 Day off, but sick | Sitting in on all the classes

3/6 Dog walk maybe | Love letter sorting/We spotted then through the window

2/6 Lunch with Ali | Comrades breakfast with guest speaker

1/6 Home affairs fail, anxiety, messy house | First day at work