by heartbeatingfasteronaboat


13/1 All the greens on the long walk to the river, and the dog that followed us all the way back |

12/1 Sneaking out to the burger place in fancy clothes |

11/1 Mexican lunch with Lehito |

10/1 Couples meeting awks |

9/1 Helping with the puzzle (hiding) |

8/1 Best massage and facial ever |

7/1 Baking in the rain outside |

6/1 Stayed in and ate chocolate while everyone churched |

5/1 PJs half the day |

4/1 Armenia park with swimming dog and Quindío Coffee and all the scenery on the drive home |

3/1 Filandia lookout point in the golden light |

2/1 Sweating and headaching in bed while everyone saw hummingbirds and hiked |

1/1 Woke up without an alarm clock and then went on a small road trip |