heart beating faster on a boat

best of day


31/8 Sushi Burrito weirdness | Stranded in a Doha hotel

30/8 Ruth’s show |We walked through the square and said our goodbyes

29/8 Long morning work breakfast | A Davy day and Tash last dinner

28/8 Piza e Vino fights | Fine Arts department Masters pickup

27/8 Smug at long run | A swiss new pretend  life

26/8 Eyebrows, makeup shopping| Julian’s best gig and new Swiss friends

25/8 View from UFO (fights) | Flowing up and down the river

24/8 Big day, real talk | Zurich

23/8 Period | Early morning sun and reflections

22/8 Paranoia | Explorers, coves and beach dinners

21/8 Winning at Tango | Backpacks and mini tent on to Tossa de Mar

20/8 Bed day, French movie | Vegan Mexican peanut butter ice cream

19/8 Icy run, clean kitchen, salsa night | Mountain Comedown + Tired body, cure homemade chicken and veg broth

18/8 Cold Westcliff yoga | We beat our ETA by 4 hours

17/8 Avoiding, confronting | Walking over mountains 1 year reflections.

16/8 Girls Trip | Mountain stream swims, best food and french couple – day 38 walking over the pyrenees.

15/8 Shortcuts | Pyrenees perfection.

14/8 New course! | Back pack trying and sleeping bag buying.

13/8 He was the happiest, it was so cute. Westcliff sundowners | Lunch in the South African section of the botanical gardens.

12/8 Driving my dad around, visiting my mom, lounge tango | New adventure booked.

11/8 Best pants find, also sad | I didn’t get it…

10/8 I kept looking up to see the motion sensor | Bank statements nervous laughter.

9/8 Sore fights, nice lunch though | 30 min of summer rain.

8/8 Dosa Hut | Morning night time sleep, Tira the lion tamer.

7/8 Lunar eclipse from Melville | Night bus, desert stop, full moon.

6/8 Sub 2 again | Paintings and El Retiro naps.

5/8 Honduran gathering | Madrid, cold showers and walks.

4/8 End of Winter School | Fast views, haiku’s, sandwiches and heat.

3/8 Mini gallery visits | Skirt with eyes.

2/8 Señor lecturer | Good interview feelings.

1/8 Gale Road power | Nothing to do.



31/7 New programmes, mental health |

30/7 Potjie best sun-day |

29/7 She announced a wedding and move |

28/7 Worst Russian movie ever |

27/7 Manic cleaning |

26/7 Observatory observatory |

25/7 Farewell coffee |

24/7 Don’t wanna |

23/7 Trail run, roast lunch lols, Latino farewell |

22/7 Troyeville Hotel rugby nightmare |

21/7 Emotional hangover |

20/7 Post dinner truths |

19/7 Stairs reunion |

18/7 Typical Dutch farewell with asshole train conductor |

17/7 First real summer day, park snacks, balcony dinner |

16/7 Holding baby Graca |

15/7 Walking with girls |

14/7 Green train with windmill info |

13/7 Walking for 5 hours, coincidence Gerturde park encounter |

12/7 Lost umbrella, everything sucks today |

11/7 Anne’s garden holiday |

10/7 Dead dead tired, Casco naps |

9/7 Greek lunch walk, feeling excited about meeting | Tired nervous parents

8/7 After banga drinks in the appliance museum |

7/7 Joining in on the night out |

6/7 Park walk, Ocean Basket | You can always change the plan.

5/7 Stressed frustrated mini fights | My rock, ocean lengths, bikini bottom.

4/7 All the work, SARS | Secret pier, my rock and the ocean.

3/7 Afternoon rain light | Walk till my brain stops thinking.

2/7 Surprise Indian feast! | Last read and submit.

1/7 Spa day outside the city | In the front row with all the groupies.


30/6 Kirsty afternoon |

29/6 Piggy date night |

28/6 Stairs |

27/6 Scary work times |

26/6 Office alone |

25/6 Klipriviersberg walk with dassies |

24/6 So happy to be home, salsa night |

23/6 Walkalator |

22/6 Long last breakfast chats |

21/6 Dressing up for party with Teesa |

20/6 Bathroom stress cries |

19/6 Stress day, presentation, they said it went well |

18/6 Morning solo mountain volcano climb |

17/6 Morning floating in the Caribbean sea |

16/6 Remembering the bus driver coincidence misunderstanding |

15/6 A real life sloth in the tree! |

14/6 Listening to secrets on the bus (Limon) |

13/6 Gertrude saved my life from a bus |

12/6 Morning exploring run, strange fruits |

11/6 Excited feelings, airport meeting, refried beans |

10/6 Laughing morning with Luis |

9/6 My head is broken |

8/6 Losing keys, forgetting things |

7/6 Impulsive CT marathon entry |

6/6 So much in one day, new space |

5/6 Trying and liking new things |

4/6 Spent all day watching Comrades and wishing I was running |

3/6 Workshop, eggs, garden party, stairs, walk out of movie, soccer |

2/6 Stress panics |

1/6 Home work without moving |


31/5 No news from PE | TFM meeting

30/5 Stress dreams | Longest cycle chasing the adventure

29/5 Early morning Rivonia missions | My boardroom presentation at Tapies

28/5 Run to park, drive to other park, breakfast, dogs, parents, climbing wall | Anne chat and clean flat

27/5 Mad park run | Naked bodies, beach cove hoping

26/5 Angie surprise | Fade to black performance

25/5 Before buenos dias | New friend catch up

24/5 Despacito | Long evening walks

23/5 Common Rhythm | He spoke to me in english it was nice

22/5 Pink smoggy sky after work stairs |Ticket booked feelings

21/5 So excited to be doing a race | Solo coffee and museum mission

20/5 Rage at that fucking idiot | Night of the museum

19/5 Homeopath dream stuff | Workshop connections

18/5 Awks video Skype | Familiar faces

17/5 Kudette reunion | Rehearsal watching and caña our corner place

16/5 Ant catch up after forever | Helado let downs

15/5 Exchanging war stories in the kitchen | A Cold

14/5 Long drive to parents and back | End of day Bar Fidel just us

13/5 Icy wintry walk to breakfast | Bike ride to record store summer haze + valley maker

12/5 Town hail storm driving | Slow day

11/5 Didn’t leave the house, shouldn’t have left | Transcribing day

10/5 All the admin catch up | Last swim + bye magical island life

9/5 Pretoria meeting, Braam lunch | Day trip Ice cream left sided driving and a rosemary scented evening

8/5 Work sads/changes | Best sleep – Irish and whiskey walks absorb as much sunlight

7/5 New friend for dinner | 24 hours no sleep, hike up to the tip of the island

6/5 Such shopping, so chilled | Holiday prep. Bikini shopping, leg wax and Gracia festival

5/5 Fred feedback |

4/5 Engineering outing calmed me, luminous pink sunset over Midrand | Submitted – The Burden of Memory

3/5 Avril chat after workshop felt positive | New best library

2/5 Nice work day | My fingers gained momentum

1/5 The Handmaid’s Tale | Writing break in the parc


30/4 Hot chocolate sunset at the park | Morning walk through a sleeping Gracia

29/4 Mom day with G&Ts | No coffee hangover

28/4 He seemed nice still, just older, she was awful though | Accepted extension

27/4 Long talks and cries morning, followed by egg brunch | Kitchen farewell/ Nerves speaking english correctly. Secret venue

26/4 Sister work day, Skype meetings, Salsa night | All day library

25/4 Freelance new stuff | Ximena Dirty dancing comparison presentation

24/4 10k | Interview with the archiver

23/4 Delta morning, and afternoon | St Jordi – Barcelona couples day

22/4 Newtown morning | Delayed writing, sit in square with coffee and croissant

21/4 Rice cakes + avo in the sun to unwind | Shifting text around

20/4 1000 things and then thrown off by email | 1 paragraph success

19/4 New responsibilities headache | Making sense of old projects again

18/4 Getting lost on the run | Brain dead, brain storming

17/4 1 year fancy drinks | Siesta time

16/4 Parents’ 40th lunch | Red hands and 2:35 not 14:35

15/4 Get Out | Bike ride along the river and cave houses

14/4 New friend coffee date (Sara-Aimee) | Cotton wool trees, Talks and walk with Niall and Emma

13/4 The Zoo Lake sunrise was out of this world | Zaragoza and Perfect Spanish Tortilla

 12/4 She said I reminded her of Tina from Bob’s Burgers | Gracia run and left over cooking

11/4 Work panics start | Lunchtime walk and new routine

10/4 Rooftop awks | Brain not working

9/4 Balcony party | Palm sunday or something, T-shirt weather

8/4 Dina work stress success | Long days and nights

7/4 Roving Bantu Kitchen | To the top of the park view and bon dias/night walks

6/4 His favourite present was the back warmer | Zaartari opening and ride home

5/4 Troyeville Hotel reminiscing | Norwegians

4/4 I made lentils for visitor | Raining ride to Mont Juicc bright green gardens

3/4 After work spinning with sick instructor dancing | New people

2/4 French plaits + home yoga | Mirar/Look videos

1/4 Delta Cosmos + salsa lessons | Kind friends, Spanish home dinner


31/3 Drawing night | Sara talk/Tears around the table

30/3 Anti vaccine rage | Workshop test

29/3 Home time | Nina talk/ Overwhelmed

28/3 She listened and I felt relieved | English tour

27/3 The lady at the front of the bus had a yellow umbrella open | Olive oil on home made bread with dark chocolate

26/3 Last load of stuff, tired busy Sunday feelings | Montserrat hike and beer on floor in square

25/3 Saturday TT + breakfast with gurls | Uprisings – Didi Hubberman

24/3 Drawings, finally | Rain

23/3 Feelings | Strange and awkward associations to birthdays

22/3 Emotions | Bar Ouimet heart to heart

21/3 Triple bed shuffle + Harties | Making sense, sifting through

20/3 Homey feelings | Setting up routines

19/3 We don’t gain anything by feeling sorry for ourselves | Change of season

18/3 Cheese and antique shopping | Traveling on the internet

17/3 Mom, Nina | Checking it all out

16/3 Proofreading, was appreciated | Muscle memory run

15/3 Stair chats with Lyn and pink sky | Some people are good people

14/3 Honest vom | Perfect day

13/3 Lolling at videos online at work | Brain dead windy outings

12/3 Driving home past Jewish Halloween | 2 hand in’s, in 1 day

11/3 Insecure | Calm but panicked, provided with snacks for clear thinking

10/3 BBC newsreader video with kids | Library sessions and Kate skype advice

9/3 Mexican date night | Field notes: Franco and his horse

8/3 April/May/June arrangement | TFM proposal handed in, its big!

7/3 Sad and edgy | Anne thoughts and kind remarks

6/3 So drained | Space and Place and weekly shop interval

5/3 Vaal outing | Berlin – Barcelona snowy mountain tops from above

4/3 Blurry morning | Pale Berliners sunning themselves doing regular Saturday things

3/3 Real talk at work / dinner party | History walk Berlin

2/3 Lyn and I so speedy | A combined morning work session

1/3 Early morning mountain views | (Berlin) Face to face with Andy Shauf


28/2 Graaff Reinet date night | A bit of a drowner but maybe a good thing

27/2 Surprise pool at the last camp | 3 coffee’s and biscuits co working space buzz

26/2 Army camp fire talk | Castell de MontJuic courtyard filming and field notes

25/2 Star gazing, fire talk | MontJuic picnic (mini sandwich, nuts and strawberries and chocolate)

24/2 The sky! Driving in a rainbow. A spot of rainbow |

23/2 Pack and work |

22/2 Web guy | Abandon project start again

21/2 Curry at Kirst | Meeting Patri, and CCB

20/2 New work things |

19/2 Those front runners |

18/2 Hill runs, sky drinks |

17/2 Home |

16/2 Bike ride and finding gmom’s scarf on stairs

15/2 Con Hill or nothing |Catalan Park walk with grannies

14/2 Romantical nachos, plans, dancing |

13/2 Nothing working, everything sucks | Trusting the process and finding clues

12/2 Anger management | Getting focused and library watching

11/2 Speedy morning | Coffee and the Collection museum

10/2 So low energy but graphic novel plans | Saturday routines and rituals

9/2 Visiting galleries chats | Finding the right bench and sunning myself

8/2 I didn’t want to but then was convinced, and I felt better afterwards | Broken but trying to redeem myself part 2

7/2 The dogs ripped up a bag of flour in my car |Pixelated images fail, lesson learnt

6/2 Boyfriend + boss back 🙂 | Watching him perfect it

5/2 Service Station talk, future plans |

4/2 Zoo Lake morning + Heidi |

3/2 Dr Leanne prescribed the things I knew to take | Home day, procrastination recipe searches

2/2 Happy morning run for the first time in ages | Practical practice – invisible pedagogies

1/2 Happy normal again | Caught soaking the sun pre meeting



31/1 Soup and other useful things day | Kitchen tea, spanglish

30/1 Morning meeting view good start to day |Banana and apple performance

29/1 I thought I might not survive it | Garden walk with a flask of coffee and biscuits

28/1 Tropical Fish | Coffee tasting, rituals, and devil fire dancing

27/1 3 for the price of 1 Superella | Making postcards straight

26/1 Work from bed day | Student workshop with postcards

25/1 Big unexpected party-time | Sleeping pill

24/1 Curry at K | Julian caña and pata bravas

23/1 Adding all my best of days and reading yours |Broken nespresso coffee outings

22/1 Laughing on the phone | Collectors market, filming Oriol collect postcards

21/1 White wine spritzers and real talk with mom | Rebaixes shopping spree and the nicest artist

20/1 The gloom | Friday long art talk signalling beer exit

19/1 Pugwall, walking there, compliments | Tapies internship

18/1 Emmarentia early morning | Meeting with the team

17/1 Talking about Peru and Colombia | 36 president way

16/1 Teary eyed and back at work, Confidence | A+

15/1 Dying eyebrows | Final edit and The Crown

14/1 Getting all the things done to not fall asleep | Sopa work station manifesto

13/1 Day room at The Marriott with a cloud bed | The four of us learning about critical pedagogy

12/1 The moon from the plane window was full, my heart was full | Girls crushing on smart Isaac

11/1 Feminista!? | Asking my questions

10/1 Bossanova and home made shoes and views | Feeling angered by text

9/1 100+ year old house with inside outside garden | Work week routine

8/1 Sat around the fire on the soccer field | Slow cycle through the gardens

7/1 Ruta card game | Food shopping and naps

6/1 Convoy of 5 cars | It feels nice to be back

5/1 On my way to the shops | Redpath send off

4/1 Divebombing pelicans | Sitting in the front row with my family

3/1 Waiting to jump off the waterfall (mosquito net)| Giving Gill to the sea in the rain

2/1 The island looked perfect from the other island | Looking through the Redpath albums

1/1 Swimming in a waterfall on the first day of the year | Matt, Bevan and Kirsty


31/12 Awkward on arrival | The new year Olympics, made the anger disappear

30/12 They told me the NYE traditions (yellow undies, wheelie suitcases) | Their parting words of much love

29/12 Sibling night out (till 4.30am) | My dad at the airport, and doing routine familiar things

28/12 Instantly felt relieved to head home | Guy and Julia evening and morning warm drinks together

27/12  What you draw when you love someone (Nico) | Silent talks and beach walk

26/12 Sitting on the Ermita for an hour | Gill’s flat

25/12  Why do you think you love me? | A quiet Christmas remembering

24/12 Heels + bad Santa | Faces at airport and welcoming

23/12 I get confused if they’re clouds or mountains | Preparing to leave home alone

22/12 New PJs | Dinner and plans with Spanish friends

21/12 Solstice reflection | Toasts, sharing recipes on holiday meals and early morning drinks with the youth

20/12 First (only) run in Cali | Finding meaning in things and the politics of space

19/12 Dreamcatcher mani pedi |He got to say goodbye before she left us

18/12 Imagined living in the place with grass growing on electricity cables | Feeling everything

17/12 Sweaty surprise party moves | Second hand shopping

16/12 He drove with a hat and raincoat and open window | After hand in smiles

15/12 Part of a team | Strange Things breaks

14/12The drive to Lake Guatavita | Early morning walk home with Clare and Julian

13/12 Full moon on the walk home | Ice cream and Tapas dinner

12/12 Creepy mountains through greasy window |Showing Clare our spots

11/12 Salsa dancing with him in Colombia for the first time | Movie marathon

10/12 The mountains are thick with junlgy trees | The walk to the concrete hand

9/12 The electric feeling (on plane) | Holiday things

8/12 Happier than last time drinks at Doppio | Perfecting the coffee

7/12 Luis graduation | Residence card

6/12 Decorating the park | Meditatively sunning ourselves

5/12 Last minute sewing | Quiet streets

4/12 Delta park chatty picnic | The lingering high

3/12 Worst most antisocial day | Forest walk, the Vally Maker, and our early morning bed

2/12 Cry day, family night | All the tasters and the view from the top floor

1/12 Cured – new person (kind of) | Lights walk


30/11 Emmarentia run | Contemporary collaborative dance exercises

29/11 Hearing from old friends | Empty stares and tired eyes amongst us all

28/11 Bad idea impulse online shopping | The midnight hand in feeling

27/11 Afternoon reunion | Haircut success and long distance running

26/11 Drunk Lol | Routine fail – ” always stick to the plan” Robyn

25/11 Mini holiday (awful neighbour) | A glass of house red wine in a seedy bar over future life talks

24/11  Feeling better talks | Benjamin, Ranciere, Steyerl, Didi-Huberman, Derrida are all friends

23/11 She said nice things about the haikus | She understood perfectly, new me feeling and the Rain

22/11 Tuesday cascade positive vibes | Long library days and breaks on the bench amongst the autumn leaves

21/11 Fights in the parking lot of the park | Gaining momentum

20/11 Taryn’s toast made me cry | Best long day with Cathy and Steve

19/11 Energising night, fancy clothes | Julian’s Spanish omelets food posts

18/11 Swimming pool at the end of the day |  Imanol “art is political “

17/11 Talking with Lucinda | He teaches through his thinking

16/11 Yoga view | Treat wednesday (Carrot cake and coffee)

15/11 Four geese crossing the road | The hand in feeling

14/11  Mashed potato lunch | The rationalist and My fruiteria

13/11 First pool day +1 | Silent walks

12/11 Death whiskey hangover |The walk home with warm baguette

11/11 Vegan dinner, house + country talk | 1989 “Historia memoria”

10/11 Fixed bike, painful eyebrow threading | The moment before I was about to read out loud

9/11 Manic feeling, giant storm, naps | Cautious conversations

8/11 Mother Xmas | Sad – news tuesday

7/11 Silent tired | Red – meat monday

6/11 Finishing! fake ice cream treats afternoon | To quiet on a sunday

5/11 Dancing with turns | Day and night all merged into one

4/11 Bike plans, being productive |The whistler – Andrew Bird

3/11 Before 9am | Late night reading and libary companions

2/11 Lightning show from Vaughn’s | Archive, lunch and private show

1/11 Telepathic lolz | Getting lost and finding the secret garden